Exploring mathematics through digital books for young children

Digital books can offer interactive and exciting mathematics activities for young children, enabling them to recognize, understand and experiment math concepts they already encounter in their daily lives.

We would like to introduce the RecreaMaths Erasmus+ project. This project aims to transform the teaching of mathematics in kindergarten by equipping kindergarten and primary school educators with effective non-formal tools that prioritize teaching the “language of math” rather than focusing solely on “numeracy skills” and repetitive practices.

One of the resources produced is a library of 5 interactive books. Each aimed at two age groups, one for 4/5 yo and the other for 6/7 yo. Various themes are covered to develop numeracy in young pupils like:

  • using numbers in real-life situations,
  • estimating amounts,
  • understanding shape and space,
  • measure time, weight, height or quantities,
  • apply concepts of location, position and direction.

These books include interactive elements such as riddles, games, and quizzes, fostering engagement and motivation. By incorporating colorful illustrations, animations, audio narration and sound effects, they transform learning into an enjoyable and immersive experience.

Those interactive books offer opportunities for children to apply math skills to real-life scenarios. Through interactive exercises, children can experiment with mathematical concepts in their daily routines. For instance, a digital book might present a story about a trip to the grocery store, where children can practice counting, addition, or measurement as they help characters select items for cooking.

One of the significant advantages is the ability to tailor content to individual learners. These books are provided for 2 levels and include features that adapt to a child’s level of understanding, allowing them to progress at their own pace. This personalized approach ensures that children are neither overwhelmed nor left unchallenged, fostering a positive learning experience.

By incorporating auditory, visual, and tactile elements, pupils can engage with math concepts in multiple ways to facilitate multisensory learning experiences. For example, some books might include simple calculation, draggable shapes, or audio prompts, enabling children to explore and comprehend mathematical ideas through different senses. Activities provide instant feedback to children, allowing them to learn from their mistakes and reinforce their understanding of mathematical concepts. Whether it’s a correct answer or an incorrect attempt, immediate feedback helps children gauge their progress, encouraging them to persist and improve their skills.

These books are available online at and you can find a description about each of them in the Abibooks library.

In conclusion, digital books that incorporate fun math exercises offer young children the opportunity to explore and engage with mathematics in their daily lives. The RecreaMaths project’s interactive books provide an immersive learning experience, personalized content, multisensory engagement, and immediate feedback. By embracing this innovative approach, teachers can inspire young minds to develop a lifelong love for mathematics while building a strong foundation for their academic and personal growth.

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