For educators

What we offer to educators

A library of interactive ebooks

A library of existing interactive books and other resources for the acquisition of basic skills. Each resource is presented in an explanatory note.

A tailor-made collection of ebooks

There are 17 interactive books that have been created by the partners of the project. All of them are specifically designed according to the needs and expectations of parents and educators.

How to support learners
with interactive ebooks?

The aim of this guide is to support the use of interactive books. It contains practical advice on how they can support learners, which books should be used for specific needs and objectives, some workshop ideas for testing the use of proposed books fully and some tips and tricks for teachers to make use of interactivity and storytelling to develop basic skills in early education.

How to create my own ebooks?

This e-learning module provides training for teachers and parents in the creation of their own interactive books. It consists of video tutorials and practice sheets providing practical explanations and advice. The main topics of creation:
● For specific pedagogical objectives
● Adapted for learners with Specific Learning Disorders
● Use of some advised tools

Interactivity: a key
for the acquisition
of basic skills

The White Paper gathers all the experiences collected by the educators and parents involved in the testing phases of the different Results.

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