ABIbooks Do it Yourself

Create your own interactive books

How to create my own ebooks?

This e-learning module provides training for teachers and parents in the creation of their own interactive books. It consists of video tutorials and practice sheets providing practical explanations and advice. The main topics of creation:

  • For specific pedagogical objectives
  • Adapted for learners with Specific Learning Disorders
  • Use of some advised tools
UNIT 1 - Creating a digital book for an age group
UNIT 2 - Considering the needs of children with special needs
UNIT 3 - How to create a story
UNIT 4 - Interactive digital storytelling
UNIT 5 - Creating a storyboard
UNIT 6 - Getting to know the Pubcoder software
UNIT 7 - Preparing content for digital: photo, video and audio
UNIT 8 - Import and layout your content
UNIT 9 - Adding features
UNIT 10 - Sharing your ebook