With a child and a tablet on the go

So far, in the articles on this website we have spent quite a lot of time on the issue of the use of interactive books in the school environment and during lessons. I would now like to address the issue of reading and the use of interactive books in completely different contexts.

Photo by Wenancjusz Ochmann

A great many families travelling with small and slightly larger children find it difficult to keep their child’s attention. Children get bored very quickly, especially when waiting for a long time at the airport for a transfer or flight. I have been travelling quite a lot on business flights recently and have had the opportunity to see what this looks like with my own eyes. Of course, the basic strategy for parents to survive in such a situation is to give their child a smartphone. But what the child does on it is already very different. First and foremost, children play games and watch various more or less valuable content in the form of mainly videos. But is this the only thing they can do on a mobile device? How about providing your child with an interactive book during a break in the journey? Or how about reading the book together with your child? This gives us only advantages. A few basic criteria are met: We can do this on our smartphone, we can interact a little like in simple games and, most importantly, we can read the book together with our child. Such an activity enables us above all to learn through play, to integrate within the family.

Photo by Wenancjusz Ochmann

Many times a holiday trip is one of the few moments in a busy working life when we as parents can have a little more time for our children. We also have mobile accessibility fulfilled, as we always have our smartphone with us or take a tablet to organise and process our holiday photos. And when we are on holiday, the danger of being called by our boss from work or our very weighty client greatly diminishes. Therefore, we encourage everyone travelling with children – read interactive books with your children during all breaks in the journey, at airports train stations and on ships. This will be of great value to your children and to you, and will help you get through the long wait for a delayed flight without getting bored. Do not read only when you are driving – it can be very dangerous.

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